A Reference Guide to Deep Seating Patio Furniture

Modern Deep Seating Furniture

Deep seating patio furniture has widened dimensions to increase the depth of the seating space. This is an excellent choice for taller people who feel like standard patio furniture leaves them sitting on the edge of their seat or those who want to do more lounging than sitting on their patio sofa.

Standard patio seating will have a depth of roughly 30 to 32 inches whereas deep seating patio furniture will be approximately 34 to 41 inches in depth. This added room can give added comfort to you and your guests in some styles and materials. Before shopping, here are a few things to know about deep seating patio furniture.

Deep Seating Isn’t Bulky

Some customers have the misconception that deep seating patio furniture will be too big for their outdoor space, but with the right design, you can have a sleek and compact set in even a small patio space. Depending on the material, these sets can not only fit nicely in your outdoor space but can be surprisingly easy to move.

Deep Seating can Be Intimate

Larger cushions allow you to stretch out and provide a more comfortable setting for taller guests, and added cushions can make shorter guests feel just as cozy. The seating arrangement can also be made to feel more intimate by the layout design. Small nooks fitted with two deep seating chairs and a love seat can bring guests closer together without feeling cramped.

Consider a Sectional

Those of you with children know that getting the family on the couch together can be a free-for-all. A deep seating sectional is a great way to get comfortably close to the kids with room to still stretch out. If your house is the place where all the pool parties and backyard barbecues seem to happen, a versatile sectional also provides seating for a crowd for a reasonable price.

Deep Seating Comes in Different Styles

Often when people think of deep seating patio sets, they imagine the kind of boxy wicker chairs and couches found poolside at a resort. These are stylish sets that fit well with the aesthetic of warmer climates, but may not fit in with your classic Cape Cod look. Thankfully, deep seating patio furniture comes in a range of styles and shapes that add style and elegance to your patio.

Deep seating doesn’t have to be Wicker

There are a broad range of styles and materials for deep seating patio furniture, from aluminum to teak. Island Lifestyles carries sets made of a variety of materials, and we are happy to go over your choices with you.

Consider an indoor-outdoor set

If you have a sunroom or three-season porch that gets lots of sun, you should find a durable furniture set that can hold up to the changing temperatures and intense sun without fading or suffering from cracking due to dry rot. Indoor-outdoor deep seating patio sets can bring the relaxed comfort of the patio into your home year round. Whether you have space to move outdoor furniture inside during cold months, or would like to furnish a versatile sun porch, these stylish sets provide maximum comfort and long-lasting durability.

Island Lifestyles carries deep seating patio furniture made of durable resin wicker, aluminum and teak. Contact us to find a style that best matches your lifestyle.