Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Eco Furniture

Cape Cod's Eco Adirondack Furniture Dealer

Eco furniture is a style of patio furniture constructed using environmentally friendly poly lumber also known as high-density polyethylene or HDPE.  We source our eco furniture from a team of Amish craftsmen that work with poly lumber to create elegantly-designed, solidly built outdoor furniture.

Plastic patio furniture has been around for years, but unfortunately it’s known for its lack of durability and fading. Eco furniture is a very different kind of plastic. It is extremely durable and resistant to fading. Because it is made to look like wood and comes in a range of colors, it can fit with a variety of home styles.

We often meet customers who aren’t familiar with eco furniture and want to know more. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get:

What is eco furniture made of?

The poly lumber used for our eco furniture is made from recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles, known as High-Density Polyethylene. UV-inhibited pigment systems, foaming compounds, and selective process additives are added to create a final product that can stand up in all outdoor environments. Over 90% of the plastic lumber is made from post-consumer bottle waste, such as milk and detergent bottles. Keeping this waste from entering landfills is great for the environment.

Is High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) safe?

The post-consumer materials used in making HDPE are cleaned thoroughly by a decontamination process of a high purity level. Contaminants such as food residue, paper, and adhesives are removed from the plastic material. Once these bottles have been cleaned and stripped down to its purest form, the material is compounded into a rigid board stock material that contains over 90% recycled plastic by weight. Pigments are added to create different colors. This pigment contains UV-inhibited pigment to reduce the fading of the plastic lumber over time.

Will eco furniture be tough enough for my coastal home?

Anyone who has purchased a cheap piece of plastic patio furniture knows that they can be tossed around the yard with any strong wind. Poly lumber is not your typical plastic, however. It is much sturdier and heavier, about as heavy as a hardwood chair, so there is no fear of your furniture blowing away or cracking. In fact, eco furniture is a great choice for homes in a coastal area. The material is exceptionally resistant to corrosive substances, salt spray, fungus, and wood-eating insects. Eco furniture does not absorb moisture, either, so it will never splinter, crack, or rot.

What colors are available?

Outdoor furniture is a chance for homeowners to extend their personal style outside. Some people like to keep things classic with eco furniture fashioned to look like wood, while others want more playful and vibrant colors. You will find eco furniture in a wide range of earth tones, as well as sunset red, lime or tangerine. 

What kind of maintenance is required?

Eco furniture is practically maintenance free. It will not collect mold or fungus like other furniture and does not need painting. We recommend cleaning it regularly with non-abrasive soap and water. If needed, spray the furniture with nonabrasive cleaner, like a mild kitchen spray, and wash it using a high-pressure washer, on a low setting, standing at least a foot away to protect the furniture.  

Are there any parts of this furniture not made of poly lumber?

Fasteners and frames used in manufacturing eco furniture are made of aluminum. Corrosion resistant chrome-plated stainless steel fasteners, the type used in the salt water marine industry, are used on the furniture sold at island Lifestyles. Welded aluminum frames are used under table tops

Eco furniture comes in a variety of styles from minimalist modern to deep seating comfort furniture to traditional Adirondack chairs, gliders and swivel rocker motion furniture. Click on our eco furniture page to download fabric and furniture color swatches.