Frequently Asked Questions About the Ceramic Primo Grill

Primo Grills - A modern take on an ancient Japanese kamado-style grill.

Winter on Cape Cod is a time for all of us to come indoors, huddle up by the fire and catch our breath from the hectic tourist season. While we certainly miss sitting outside with friends, we no longer have to give up the delicious taste of grilled foods now that we’ve discovered Primo ceramic grills.

Primo ceramic grills are a modern take on an ancient Japanese kamado-style grill, which were made of clay and built into the earth floor of small homes. Primo’s compact and sleekly-designed grills take the concept of using a small space efficiently to deliver a multitude of uses and flavors. The attractive design adds to any outdoor living space and its high-quality craftsmanship is due to the fact it is the only ceramic grill made in America.

But I already have a grill…

Think about how often you use that outdoor grill in the off-season. Maybe once or twice before you cover it with a tarp and say farewell until spring? A Primo ceramic grill, if placed in a safe, covered area, can provide year round grilling, roasting, smoking and baking. The grill easily converts with a simple adjustment to provide a variety of uses and comes in two shapes, the original round 18.5-inch Primo Kamado All-in-One and three sizes of oval-shaped cookers (210, 300 and 400 square inch models). Even the smallest of these models provides ample cooking room, large enough to cook eight to 15 steaks!

If you are looking to roast or smoke big weekend meals for a crowd, the oval-shaped Primo grill is for you. It is ideal for roasting and smoking large turkeys, pork shoulders, and leg of lamb. It can also be configured for two-zone cooking, which allows you to cook at different temperatures on the left and right, with the option to raise and lower the grate to adjust the level of direct heat the food gets.

Primo ceramic grills are also great for cooking pizza and bread – not something your current grill can likely do. The Kamado design of the ceramic grill is intended to retain and radiate heat back towards the food, helping the grill reach those high temperatures needed for crisp on the outside and soft on the inside pizza crusts and breads.

But I’m not good at cooking with charcoal…

Primo ceramic grills know not everyone is skilled at charcoal grills, which is why the company has strived to make their product so user-friendly. Primo takes a lot of the guesswork out of grilling and smoking. The thorough guide not only walks you through set up and the basics of use, but provides detailed instructions on how best to cook items, ranging from a delicate smoked fish to a seared steak. Temperature and internal temperature guides are included side-by-side with cooking times and vent adjustment illustrations so that you can get the perfect sear or that slow-and-low flavor.

Primo grills also perform superbly in extremely hot or cold environments, making it easy for you to satisfy your grilled steak craving even during the coldest months. Cleaning is easy, too. You don’t need to clean the interior walls of the Primo or the inside. Just clean the cooking grates and remove the ashes and occasionally wash the exterior glaze surface with warm water and regular dishwashing soap.

Primo ceramic grills are made with only the highest quality ceramic for increased efficiency and durability. Primo is also the only ceramic grill company to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by a 20-Year Guarantee. We like the Primo ceramic grills so much we carry the entire line at Island Lifestyles.