How to Choose High-Quality Resin Wicker Furniture

ebel resin wicker furniture

Resin wicker furniture offers a beautiful option for outdoor seating, but you may be surprised to learn that there are many types of this wicker furniture on the market. Before you buy a set of outdoor seating that isn't the best fit for your own personal needs, check out this wicker furniture buying guide: 

Where Will You Put Your Wicker Furniture? 

Traditionally, when people think of wicker furniture, they automatically think of the extra seating used outside when the weather's warm enough to soak up some sunny rays. While this is certainly one use for this furniture, there are actually three main types of wicker furniture, each created for a certain type of weather. Be mindful of this when shopping for your own furniture set, as purchasing the wrong type could lead to disappointment down the line.  

  • Outdoor Use furniture is exactly that: it's made for the outdoors. This is the most durable of all of your options, meant to withstand the weather and fury that can be induced by Mother Nature.  Outdoor use wicker furniture is made with resin and is easy to maintain.
  • Limited Exposure wicker furniture is meant to be near the outside world, but it's not put directly in the elements. Limited exposure wicker often has a catalyzed finish. This type of wicker is best used in covered areas like porches where there is adequate protection. This furniture works well in mild climates or when it's confined to the safety of a covered deck or patio. 
  • Indoor Use furniture such as natural rattan will not last long outside in Cape Cod weather conditions. We do not recommend natural rattan but if you choose this type of furniture, it must be well-protected and only used on the inside. Covered patios aren't enough for this furniture; the rooms in which indoor use wicker furniture dwell need to be fully enclosed and completely sealed off from the outside elements.  

How Do You Know It's Well-Made? When it comes to any type of furniture, you don't really want to go straight to a low price tag and potentially forego the importance of quality. Wicker furniture has some tell-tale signs to look for that can help you discern if it's made well.  

Aluminum frames will help reinforce the wicker of outdoor use furniture, thus prolonging its life and helping to stave off the damage that can come from battling the elements. 

UV Inhibitors also help prolong the life of outdoor wicker furniture and enhance the overall quality of the product. This layer of protection helps stave off sun damage and other elemental irritants that can be inflicted on the furniture as temperatures fluctuate. Areas high in moisture should be reinforced with resin for best results. 

Reinforced joints are a sign of quality, as wicker furniture without additional reinforcements can be flimsy. The reinforcements ensure a stronger and more durable set; they also show that the manufacturer took the time and care to make these details matter. 

Densely woven material is another sign of durability and attention to detail on behalf of the manufacturer. The more densely woven the wicker, the stronger and longer lasting it is likely to be.  

Updating the Style of Wicker Furniture

You can change out any of the cushions associated with wicker furniture; what you can't substitute is the quality of the furniture itself. Don't get too caught up in the superficial details, as those are easily swapped out. Rather, keep an eye out for the particular material or make that best suits your needs, and go from there.  Do you have other tips and tricks to help people buy the right wicker furniture? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!