About Comfort Seating Patio Furniture

Outdoor comfort seating or deep seating furniture is like having living room furniture out of doors. This style of patio furniture has comfortable thick cushions, are durable and require very little maintenance. We carry high-quality comfort seating patio furniture in a variety of colors materials and designs. Mix and match a set that fits your space by choosing from chairs, sofas, settees, loveseats and ottomans. Our experts can help you choose the best deep seating set to fit your environment and lifestyle. Let us help you choose a patio set that combines luxury, quality and value.

Teak Frame Comfort Seating

Teak framed comfort seating is an opulent and durable luxury that will bring grace and elegance to your home. Teak becomes more beautiful with exposure to the elements. The natural oils in teak will prevent damage such as rot and mildew. Over time, it will oxidize to an elegant soft gray. Teak furniture can be left outside for years and will last for generations with minimal maintenance. Teak furniture has a warm gold color when new, but after time it naturally fades to an elegant soft gray color. The color change does not affect the integrity of the wood, but it should be considered when choosing dining furniture that combines teak with other materials such as aluminum, mesh, fabric or wicker.

Wicker Resin Comfort Seating

Wicker resin comfort furniture comes in a variety of different styles from ultra modern to traditional. It's ability to accentuate any home's design style is what has made it one of the most popular choices for outdoor living. Compared to natural rattan wicker, today's wicker products are impervious to color fading, cracking and peeling. It's a durable choice that never needs maintenance and often comes with an unseen aluminum frame for enhanced strength. Unlike rattan, is no longer relegated to covered porches or three season rooms. There are thousands of styles and seating configurations of wicker comfort furniture available through Island Lifestyles. Whether your home is victorian, mid-century modern or a traditional Cape Cod, our expert staff can help you choose the design, fabric color and type of seating to fit your lifestyle. 

Aluminum Frame Comfort Seating

Aluminum frame comfort seating is an ideal choice for endurance and elegance. Aluminum framed patio sets are  often preferred  for locations where garden furniture is exposed to the sun and rain. An advantage of aluminum comfort seating is that it's lightweight which allows it to be easily moved to fit your needs. It also resists corrosion, making it an exceptional choice for longevity. Aluminum framed outdoor furniture is fabricated using aluminum tubes or by casting. It is low maintenance, rustproof and easy to clean. It should be noted that inferior quality aluminum furniture is often unsteady, has fasteners that rust and is poorly constructed with welds that crack. Carefully consider the long-term value of comfort seating that is built to last. Drop into our Orleans, MA location for guidance on what to look for.

Eco Comfort Seating

Eco comfort seating is a wise, environmentally friendly choice because the lumber used to create the furniture is manufactured with recycled milk jugs. Eco furniture is more than just good for the planet, it is a remarkably stable beautifully styled furniture that will last for many years to come. Because the pigment is embedded throughout the plastic lumber used to construct the frame, you can be assured that it will remain colorfast for years to come. This makes eco furniture an ideal choice for poolside and beach locations where water and direct sun would cause lesser furniture to deteriorate after a season or two. Eco comfort seating comes in a countless number of designs and fabric choices allowing you to choose a style that will fit any home design. And if you tire of the look, you can always keep a change of cushions available to match the season or fit your desire.