Hammocks are a great way to relax on a beautiful summer day. Though they are traditionally placed between two strong trees, hammocks can be hung using a variety of methods. When choosing a location for your hammock be sure to take into consideration the amount of shade the area receives. Portable hammock stands have the advantage of mobility. Weather resistance and durability are factors when choosing a hammock.  Choose all-weather fabrics that are designed to withstand Cape Cod's sun and sea air. This will prevent mildew and fading caused by humidity and sun. Hammocks are a wonderful way to spend time near your pool, on a deck or in the backyard.  Just remember to use sturdy anchors or a quality hammock stand to avoid a minor catastrophe. Our hammocks are manufactured by The Hammock Source. If you have questions about what style hammock is best for you, contact us and our expert staff will guide you through the many options.