Primo Grills

A Primo ceramic grill is much more than your standard outdoor grill. A Primo easily converts with a simple adjustment to become a grill, a roaster, a smoker or an oven. Primo grills come in two shapes, the original 18.5" round Kamado and three sizes of oval-shaped cookers (210, 300 and 400 square inch models). Oval shaped Primo grill's are ideal for roasting and smoking large turkeys, pork shoulders, and leg of lamb. An oval Primo grill can be configured for 2 zone cooking. This method allows for different temperatures on the left and right, and with the optional raised grate you can lower the direct heat even further. Originally a Japanese design, Kamado style ceramic grills are designed to retain heat and radiate it back towards the food. This makes them exceptional pizza and bread ovens. Primo is the only ceramic grill company to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by a 20-Year Guarantee. Primo ceramic grills come in four models and can be purchased with a variety of bases and accessories. Island Lifestyles carries the entire line of Primo grills. Visit us and we will help you size and configure a grill that will make your next barbecue a great success with friends and family.